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About Us

How we started


W Hayward Engineering started in 2000. Will Hayward (company owner) started the company installing and certifying gas systems on boats. Soon after a meeting to understand, discuss and create the European standards for gas cylinder equipment on boats, Will realised there was no suitable marine grade regulator available for customers, so decided to design and build his own range of regulators that fully comply the European safety standards. 

As a sailor himself, Will understood then need to use different regulators, in order to use the different gas cylinders that are found in countries around the world. His solution to this was to produce one regulator that could be used with a kit of adapters to fit almost every gas cylinder in the world!  Making it safer, easier and cheaper to use gas from cylinders across the oceans!

Why Us?


There are few people who understand marine gas the way Will does, due to the complexity in the dynamics of cylinder stored gas, in a moving environment, such as that on a boat, where the cylinder is subject to a healing angle and other movement. These ramifications require specialist regulators and equipment for gas systems being used in these conditions.

Few other companies would accept the challenge of manufacturing equipment for such a demanding and specialist market. However we are pleased to rise to the challenge.

Since initial production in 2004, we have continued to work alongside our customers, as-well as boat manufacturers, to improve the functionality and safety features of our products, while keeping inline with current British and European standards.

Will Taylor-Jones, Technical and Quality development at Oyster Yachts (1998-2013), says:

"Will Hayward spent 19 years developing and perfecting the GasBoat range, partly in response to the needs of the marine industry and yacht builders requests such as Oyster Marine, who Will has a close working relationship with. His systems simplify our gas systems to our customers, worldwide."


"Oyster Yachts are proud to commission GasBoat regulators on all our new yachts and refits"

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