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Connect our GasBOAT4008 regulator to two cylinders.

Constructed from marine grade materials.

Includes: 2x stainless steel bulkhead mounting brackets - one for the Regulator and one for the valve.

Inlet:  2x M20 male thread

Outlet: 21.8mm left-hand male thread


Easy switch from cylinder to cylinder...

Recommended for use on boats that carry two cylinders (one in use and spare) when one cylinder becomes empty just switch supply to the second cylinder for immediate use and replace the empty cylinder when convenient.


Worldwide Connection Options...

With 2x M20 inputs to the changeover valve you can use our GasBOAT 4018 adaptor kit and our 4021 & 4032 adaptors. This will let you to safely connect literally any gas cylinders found worldwide – and quickly switch from one cylinder to another.

4104 Manual Changeover Valve

SKU: 4104

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